Imaginary Landscape Final Project


Photoshop, 2015

Word: Tragematopolist – A confectioner, or a seller of sweets.

I really wanted the inspiration behind this project to be centered around a very obscure word, and so I chose tragematopolist. This choice opened up an obvious opportunity for me to create an environment showcasing candy in all its glamour – a “candyland” if you will.

There’s a slight twist however in that the candyman shown in this image isn’t your conventional corner store cashier but rather a suspicious, hooded man displaying his goods as free. This image is seen from the child’s perspective. It’s an offer they can’t resist, and they would love to enter the van and explore the various items from within.

Little do victims know, van candymen have malicious intentions and are only working to trap you inside the vehicle.

About Markis Lazarre

Currently attending Alfred State College for Graphic Design.
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