Visual Communication Tree Poster – “Clarity Affords Focus”


Photoshop, 2015

Thoroughly visualizing a concept or idea takes some degree of concentration. Fishing out real, sensical observations from the biased interpretations our mind instinctively generates may require strong efforts in mental reformation and objective analysis. When we simply focus on our subject, without diversion, we are able to view in clarity. Conveyance of this message is seen throughout the contents of the poster.

In it, an individual is crouched, directing their attention toward a tree.. focusing. Areas in the distance surrounding the tree have been manipulated to look staggered and distorted, as to promote the tuning out effect concentration has on its subjects. The teal-coated subject shown in the foreground of this image exemplifies every student involved with this project. They all likely ignored external factors of distraction and entered a state of deep examination. Analyzing the tree and breaking down components of its composition to form clear, solid ideas was the task at hand, and my submission is merely a representation of that process.

Referencing from the works of American artist David Lance Goines, I framed the interior of this composition, organizing the picture with potent outlines. Behind the primary image, I subtly layered a texture of leaves upon the pink, contrasty background. Students walked through these leaves, scouring to find an appropriate angle for the allegory they wished to convey, so I only thought it was right placing them. Clarity affords focus – a quote cited from personal coaching specialist, Thomas J. Leonard, is a quote that couldn’t have been more suitable for my work. Its text accompanied with the diagonal rectangle serving as its backdrop really makes this whole piece come together. Solid black lines outlying each figure of space also really applies a sense of similarity to the work.

Ultimately, breaking the fourth wall of this project was a definite goal of mine. I wanted to outline the process in which each of us students went through in order to showcase our own ideas. From first-hand interaction with my colleagues, I know they all thought long and hard about their allegory and how exactly they would manage to portray it. This work elaborates upon the procedure we all took and also communicates to viewers the sheer focus artists must experience in order to come up with something worth admiring.

About Markis Lazarre

Currently attending Alfred State College for Graphic Design.
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