“Inescapable” – Survey Final Animation

Each geometric shape constructed among every frame was translated by way of light box observation. I was consistent in my manner of animating, directing shapes through a particular path by constant variables (like moving a shape downward one centimeter per frame). Using five separate watercolor pencils and a saturated paintbrush, these shapes were defined by very cloudy colors with much texture.

Its premise surrounds itself with the mere audibility of a city. In environments like New York City and Los Angeles, it may seem like sound is almost omnipresent. These rectangular shapes take the form of buildings, high-rises one may¬†associate with urban settings. These buildings distort up and down, representing a bar audio waveform – noise. When the blue square works to break free from the urban sounds, it’s soon right back in the swing of things. By default, cities are purposed to be audibly restless. Traffic, cellphone talkers, corner stores and cafes – all of these things attribute to the white noise of urban life. Inescapable are the sounds that make up the very fabric of a community.

About Markis Lazarre

Currently attending Alfred State College for Graphic Design.
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