Creation Comic


This Christian creation story depicts a section of the accounts of Genesis. Its premise encompasses the Garden of Eden, an early biblical setting.

Watercolored, each panel is surfaced with soft tones and textured colors.  Lines are primarily loose – a lack of man-made architecture during the world’s beginnings entails organic shapes and complex figures.

Referencing from many ancient Mesopotamian cultures like Sumer, Babylon and Uruk, I took design elements from various sculptures and implemented their influences in my work here. Organic elements contained among the lines of many limestone statuettes of human forms were extracted and situated unto my work. Cultures as ancient as the ones listed above did not produce many two-dimensional works of art and so applying those artistic decisions to the comic presented a bit of a challenge.

For most of my panels, I used action-to-action comic transitions. Scenes seem to change in accordance with each scriptural action of the bible. Subjects take the form of cartoons as to strip down ideas to an essential meaning – the almighty identity of God and the simplistic depictions of gardens and shrubbery. Only the last panel contains a small section of subject-to-subject transition, and that is between God and the man.

Using width manipulation, I emphasized the importance of the first panel; God creating the universe is a very significant segment of the Bible. This panel also attributes high contrast and draws attention immediately with its harsh black background.

It is said that color evokes physical emotions. Throughout many of the panels, the skies took a soft gradient of warm colors like yellow and orange. In panels 2 and 3, situation of lights and darks are established from highlights and shadows found surfaced upon the subject’s skin.

Its captions act as word-specific additives for the comic’s pictures. Illustrations clarify the words while the words elaborate on the illustrations. What this comic does best is visually interpret early verses of the Bible, fundamentally.

Ultimately, this comic progressed my familiarity in using watercolor, and allowed me to experiment blending that physical medium with digital color and shading.


About Markis Lazarre

Currently attending Alfred State College for Graphic Design.
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  1. mrsears96 says:

    Spectacular work, man!

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