High levels of contrast were essential in contributing to the objective of my self-portrait; harsh blacks and soft whites aided in executing my light in the dark subject theme. Its background is dark and not well ascertained while my profile is lit in the foreground. My aim was to depict myself as a positive force, illuminated in a fairly dark setting.

With high contrast, there also lies a great degree of value. Varying shades of grey surface my face and sweatshirt – minus the rightmost wall, every aspect of the composition attains some type of grayscale gradient.

Lines are derived naturally from a projection of a photograph of myself. Facial structure is portrayed accurately due to the infallible procedure of producing the line work.

I’m proud to acknowledge the transition from the graphite self-portrait sketch I submitted last semester to now presenting this full-fledged charcoal drawing.

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About Markis Lazarre

Currently attending Alfred State College for Graphic Design.
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1 Response to Self-Portrait

  1. mrsears96 says:

    Really sick work, Markis. Sometimes you gotta try it out, try and make a route. A suggestion I have would be to showcase your original self-portrait alongside your current one, so we can see your improvement throughout the year.

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