Composite Photography – “Markis, The Destroyer”


Markis, The Destroyer

Filling the composition with sixteen different instances of myself, Markis, The Destroyer is compact with several different subjects, who hold my likeness, that reside in their environment variously. Every component comes together to depict the scene. Here is a bit more of an in-depth look at the individual pieces that make up this chaotic puzzle.


Custom: (1 – 17), Retrieved: (18 – 23)

  1. Base image. This includes Alfred State College’s foreground landscape, its Central Dining Hall and the trees that make up the background. Our campus has beautiful imagery – good thing this composite isn’t a reality.
  2. Markis, The Destroyer himself. This level of chaos wouldn’t be justified if it weren’t for Him playing the role of a giant, hostile force.
  3. This Markis seems to be running very quickly. Soon he will be free from the vacuum force that will consume other members of his clone lineage to nothing.
  4. Tagging along with #3, this Markis is working to escape the premises ASAP as well.
  5. This Markis is filled with fear and is likely witnessing his friend being sucked into the chamber.
  6. Praying, this Markis is spiritual and seeks God for strength against the enemy.
  7. This Markis is frightened by the loud sound of the vacuum. It doesn’t help that he feels Markis, The Destroyer is looking directly at him.
  8. Making his way down the stairs, this Markis wishes he enrolled at Alfred University instead.
  9. Probably the least intelligent Markis, #9 is flipping the giant off, only provoking his imminent destruction.
  10. Ouch.
  11. Hold on for dear life!
  12. This Markis is going full survival mode, shirtless and ready to strike. Can you say Rambo?
  13. Parachute Markis may have a better idea than the others in regard to fleeing the scene, so long as the wind blows away from the threat.
  14. Very crafty idea from this Markis, but he still needs to PULL himself up. Knowing Markis’ average upper-body strength, we’re not sure it will bode well.
  15. Very crafty idea from this Markis, but he still needs to PULL himself up. Knowing Markis’ average upper-body strength, we’re not sure it will bode well.
  16. “Help, troopers! Help! We have a big man on campus! And literally!”
  17. Meanwhile, in a Fallout gamer’s world, this Markis is appreciating the new, post-apocalyptic nature of Alfred.
  18. Can’t have someone trying to escape via parachute without one.
  19. Three-fourths of the sky is made up of this image. It borders the sky.
  20. This is another image of a sky in which I composited within the first sky. Adds a different dynamic to the image.
  21. Helicopter.
  22. Chopper 1.
  23. Chopper 2.


About Markis Lazarre

Currently attending Alfred State College for Graphic Design.
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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever liked something so quickly

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