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(In)Voluntary Memories – Art History 2 Gallery Write-Up #1

Last Thursday, February 23rd, I attended the premiere of (In)Voluntary Memories – an exhibition hosted by Alfred State’s Bret Llewellyn Gallery. Alysia Kaplan, its creator, attempts to explore the concept of memories and their inclined nature of becoming rewritten. When … Continue reading

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“Industrial Composite” – Art Site This website centers itself around a very composite-heavy art style characteristic to me. Incorporating gears, wires and metal bars, this domain was constructed with several images that come together to create a harmonious interface. Navigation and color scheme is … Continue reading

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“Color Matters: Intro To Color Theory” – Digital Foundations 2 Lecture/Workshop Write-Up

Yesterday, February 9th, I attended Ivy Stevens-Gupta’s Color Matters: Intro to Color Theory – a lecture hosted in Alfred State’s Orvis Activities Center. Overviewed was the psychological and cultural properties associated with certain colors, how those properties affect marketing and … Continue reading

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“Digital Media Date” – Image Browser Website Using Adobe Dreamweaver, I became familiar with HTML and CSS. Over the past two weeks, I began to get my feet wet in the process of encoding. This website, Digital Media Date (DMDate), is a domain that introduces Alfred … Continue reading

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