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“Hostage” – Movie Poster

This is actually a very recent addition to my portfolio. And it’s something I call Hostage. It’s a composite image including two versions of myself – a hostage and a thug. I intended to produce an action-thriller movie poster filled … Continue reading

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Sound Project

In these videos, I add audio to my three most recent videos. Both of my motion graphics videos as well as my narrative video now attains sound effects. My Princess Grace adaptation emits low frequencies of rhythm combined with the … Continue reading

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Interactive Design Gallery Write-Up #2 – “Core Sample: Additional Findings”

On April 9th, 2017, I visited Alfred University’s Ceramic Art Museum to see Core Sample: Additional Findings – an exhibition outlining the historical timeline associated with ceramic art. Showcasing artwork produced by international ancestors as well as local artists, this gallery shows off … Continue reading

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Art History 2 Gallery Write-Up #2 – “A Day’s Work”

Last Saturday, April 1st, I visited Alfred University’s Cohen Gallery to see A Day’s Work, an exhibition created by Rebekah Modrak and Nick Tobier. Both videographers displayed two separate productions in which authenticity and social expectations are challenged. In Re Made / Best … Continue reading

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