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Creation Comic

This Christian creation story depicts a section of the accounts of Genesis. Its premise encompasses the Garden of Eden, an early biblical setting. Watercolored, each panel is surfaced with soft tones and textured colors. ¬†Lines are primarily loose – a … Continue reading

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Colored Caricature

Applying color to¬†Figure & Motion Journal 1‘s caricature, I’ve strengthened my depiction and have given it life. Solid browns make up for my mulatto skin tone while an average grey surfaces my sweatshirt.

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“Inescapable” – Survey Final Animation

Each geometric shape constructed among every frame was translated by way of light box observation. I was consistent in my manner of animating, directing shapes through a particular path by constant variables (like moving a shape downward one centimeter per … Continue reading

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Survey Final Project Research Paper – Jules Engel

Experimentalism has guided Animator Jules Engel for the lot of his artistic profession. Throughout his early practices, Engel delved into geometric abstraction, manipulating tectonic shapes for the sake of examination. Engel explored the realm of simplicity in his works, using … Continue reading

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Emotional Shapes Final Project

Photoshop, 2015 Transitioning from a state of excitement to one of frightfulness, this square distorts its shape along with its sentiment. Zooming into the frame, the square portrays an emotional arousing, ricocheting from each side of the composition and rocketing … Continue reading

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