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Emotional Shapes Final Project

Photoshop, 2015 Transitioning from a state of excitement to one of frightfulness, this square distorts its shape along with its sentiment. Zooming into the frame, the square portrays an emotional arousing, ricocheting from each side of the composition and rocketing … Continue reading

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Political Poster “Promote Prohibition”

Photoshop, 2015 Using methods of art derived from constructivism, I’ve designed a poster urging¬†alcoholic abstinence, or teetotalism. Bold,¬†impactful text fills the header and footer of the composition. Black and red dominate the work’s color scheme, and contributes more to the … Continue reading

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Imaginary Landscape Final Project

Photoshop, 2015 Word:¬†Tragematopolist – A confectioner, or a seller of sweets. I really wanted the inspiration behind this project to be centered around a very obscure word, and so I chose tragematopolist. This choice opened up an obvious opportunity for … Continue reading

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