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“Design Disruptors” – A Lesson In Design

Design Disruptors, a film produced by design management and collaboration platform InVision, covers several fundamental principles of art and design. Like us, design is human and stems from what people need or want. This serves as the basis for all design … Continue reading

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Shoe Tapping Audio/Video Syncing – Max Documentation

Tapping your shoes on the floor has never been so stimulating.  This big, interactive idea encompasses the manipulation of visual display through physical exertion of the feet. Hit the keys on the in-program MIDI input and you will activate the … Continue reading

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Sound Project

In these videos, I add audio to my three most recent videos. Both of my motion graphics videos as well as my narrative video now attains sound effects. My Princess Grace adaptation emits low frequencies of rhythm combined with the … Continue reading

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Billy Schu’s Logo Motion Graphics

Working off the above logo I created for Billy Schu’s Food Bar earlier this semester, I chose to animate this into something that could potentially be used for their own commercial use. In this version, I have the logo arrive … Continue reading

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“Color Matters: Intro To Color Theory” – Digital Foundations 2 Lecture/Workshop Write-Up

Yesterday, February 9th, I attended Ivy Stevens-Gupta’s Color Matters: Intro to Color Theory – a lecture hosted in Alfred State’s Orvis Activities Center. Overviewed was the psychological and cultural properties associated with certain colors, how those properties affect marketing and … Continue reading

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