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Art History 2 Gallery Write-Up #2 – “A Day’s Work”

Last Saturday, April 1st, I visited Alfred University’s Cohen Gallery to see A Day’s Work, an exhibition created by Rebekah Modrak and Nick Tobier. Both videographers displayed two separate productions in which authenticity and social expectations are challenged. In Re Made / Best … Continue reading

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(In)Voluntary Memories – Art History 2 Gallery Write-Up #1

Last Thursday, February 23rd, I attended the premiere of (In)Voluntary Memories – an exhibition hosted by Alfred State’s Bret Llewellyn Gallery. Alysia Kaplan, its creator, attempts to explore the concept of memories and their inclined nature of becoming rewritten. When … Continue reading

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“Figuring Shit Out” – Interactive Design Lecture/Workshop Write-Up #1

Markis Lazarre Prof. Schwartz Interactive Design January 28th, 2016 Last Thursday, January 26th, I visited Alfred University’s Turner Gallery which hosted Figuring Shit Out, an art exhibition produced by Hannah Alvaro and Adrianna Enoch. Its premise lies partly in the … Continue reading

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