Sound Project

In these videos, I add audio to my three most recent videos. Both of my motion graphics videos as well as my narrative video now attains sound effects.

My Princess Grace adaptation emits low frequencies of rhythm combined with the rush of morning traffic to create sound riding on the verge of a headache – the very ailment Grace suffered.

In this three-dimensional countdown created in Adobe After Effects, I produce a ten-second video with numbers that count down from ten. Crimson in color, my shifting background sets the stage for the animation’s environment. Each number consistently rotates rightward on its y-axis, seamlessly transitioning to the next number with each turn. Centered, title-safe positioning keeps it balanced while the consistent movement retains a somewhat mesmerizing rhythm among each turn. The swift rotations are accompanied by smooth swoosh sounds, applying a weighted sense of heaviness to the object.

Countdowns entail simplicity – for the sake of following each number as it transitions to another. I made sure severe complexity wasn’t a factor in this production. Numbers were flat-surfaced easy to read, which I believe is so very essential in getting your point across.

In my Billy Schu’s logo animation, capturing the correct sound for each movement was key. Clashing with the silverware, swooshing with the light sweep.

About Markis Lazarre

Currently attending Alfred State College for Graphic Design.
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